The Handle Wonder Cover: A Hot Commodity

The Handle Wonder Cover A Hot Commodity.jpg

Sunny days are packed with pool parties, backyard BBQ’s, and family gathering. What if your door faces towards the sun, and the door handle becomes hot? That is why The Handle Wonder Cover was created. Whether it be a door lever, door knob, or a handlebar; The Handle Wonder Cover has you well covered!

Door Levers

Just imagine: Friends, family, neighbors and co-workers are all over at your place for some fun, delicious food, refreshments and amazing company. People are going in and out of your side door, but the handle is hotter than your infamous chicken wings that you fired up. You save the day because you have the Handle Wonder Cover for your door lever. Simply slide the neoprene sleeve onto the door handle, to prevent your guest’s hands from burning.

The wonder cover is made of soft fabric that does not heat up when in the sun. It is made of the same material as wetsuits and can coolers. Just as easy as it is to put on, it is just as easy to take off. Although, once you put your wonder cover on your door lever, there is a good chance that you will not want to remove it.

Door Knobs

A similar situation can happen with your round door knobs. From the direct sunlight hitting your door knob, it can intensify the heat and make it impossible to touch or turn. The Door Knob Wonder Cover uses the same specific material, neoprene, as the standard Handle Wonder Covers. It’s a small, compact, sleeve the comfortably slides over the majority of door knobs.  Whether you have a tulip/bell door knob, round knob, or a ball knob; The Handle Wonder Cover has you protected.

Commercial Use / Handlebar

Your company will appreciate you, when you suggest using The Handle Wonder Cover for Commercial Use on all of the company doors. Not only do they protect hands from getting burned, but they can be cut down for a customizable size.  Creating a nice and secure fit, that effortlessly wraps around the business door handle.

Not only are these great for the door handles, but any items that remain outdoors, that can use some extra protection. Think of the rolling garbage and recycling bins. No longer do you have to worry about the painful trip to the curb, as you have The Handle Wonder Covers offering a barrier of protection between you and the plastic.

The 2 Pack 7-Inch Handle Covers are great to use around the house and basic appliances. Such as the door handles to the refrigerator, microwave and the bar handle on the stove. The 3 Pack can save you, when the bundled together! Inside of the package, you will receive two of the Handle Wonder Covers, plus one Door Knob Wonder Cover.

Feel free to contact us directly, or “like” us on Facebook. Burning your hands will become a thing of the past, with The Handle Wonder Covers. “You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.”