handle gets very hot' this works great

-By Amazon Customer on April 5, 2019

The sun is hot here in dothern Arizona an this door knob cover keep my hands form getting burned.

-By Amazon Customer on April 8, 2019

Our front door gets very very hot from the sun. This is a burn preventer for us. It was very difficult to get on our handle, which to me, is a good thing. I don't think it will come off very easily either.

-By Amazon Customer on March 16, 2019

Perfect for my front door in direct Texas sunlight. Handle got too hot to touch. Spent years wrapping rags around handle with rubber bands. This fits perfectly and works Ike a charm!!!

-By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2019

This is the neatest thing ever! In my kitchen my refrigerator is next to my back door. When the door swings out it bumps the door lever and my last refrigerator had a dent to prove it. This cover provides a great solution. I put a couple of cotton balls inside to add extra cushion and my brand new refrigerator appears safe.

-By Amazon Customer on January 18, 2019

Lasted several seasons of direct Florida sun contact and a few chilled winters. Began to rip apart and I will provably re-order and buy again. Did an excellent job keeping us from burning our hands.

-By Amazon Customeron February 10, 2018


No more hot hands! Timely delivery.

-By Amazon Customeron March 1, 2018

My doorknob is so hot and everything I put on it covered the keyhole. This works great. I did have to put some double faced sticky tape on the inside, but it's great.

By-Amazon Customer October 27, 2017



We purchased this to protect a window covering next to the handle, but we found it also serves well where the handle is in the sun all day and may get quite hot later in the day. A good value.

ByKindle Customeron August 27, 2017


Bought 2 for inside & outside handles of security door. They make it tolerable to be able to hold the door in extreme heat. The inside one has fallen off a couple of times, but that's because arms are full, using body to hold door, rub up against the handle. I would buy again. I was worried about installation, but they slip on like a glove.

-By Amazon Customer on August 19, 2017


I am so glad Amazon had these. I could not open my front door in or out, the handle was way too hot. I saw these wonder covers, read the reviews & bought 2 of them, so glad I did. they fit perfect on the handles, no more hot hands. great quality.

-By Amazon Customer on August 13, 2017


The door handles on our storm door get very hot (scorching) in the afternoon sun. These covers make it so we can grab the handle without burning our hands. House guests are very appreciative.

-By Amazon Customer on August 9, 2017


I can not rave enough about these covers. Our kitchen door faces the morning sun in Texas. It's summer and if we didn't have the covers, I would definitely burn my hand trying to open the door. We have a very smart catahoula leopard dog that knows how to stand on his hind legs and open the door with his front paw. This product keeps the handle from getting scratched up from his nails. I wish they had something that I could use to prevent him from scratching the glass as well.

-By Amazon Customer on July 14, 2017


Kids don't burn their hands anymore opening door with summer heat!

-By Amazon Customer on June 8, 2017


These are amazing! I ordered them after scalding my hand opening up our storm door on a particularly hot day. I ordered one for the outside handle and one for the inside handle. They work so well and really keep your palms protected! They're also super easy to install!

-By Amazon Customer on May 18, 2017


I was impressed with how well this worked on my scorching hot door handle! Product Is well made to slip over a variety of sizes of paddle type door handles in seconds. The color blends well and doesn't look sloppy and bulky. I love finding clever solutions to annoying problems and this item fit the bill. Please design one for my round knob next! ;)

-By Amazon Customer on May 10, 2017


Does exactly what it is meant to do, keep door handle cool to touch. Love it so much, am ordering more!

-By Amazon Customer on April 27, 2017


I was impressed how well this works. My black front door faces west and I have a full glass window. It becomes an oven as the weather warms and the handle became extremely dangerous to touch. This handle glove fit perfectly and prevents burns. The covered handle felt slightly warm but manageable and safe.

-By Amazon Customer on April 17, 2017


Heat and Static Electricity Prevention:
Due mainly to the construction material of our deck and rubber-soled shoes, we often got jolted with static electricity when touching the metal handles of our metal storm door and inner door. Buying two of these immediately stopped those problems and also prevented the extreme heat from the direct sun from burning our fingers when opening the doors at certain times during the day when the sun is direct (especially between the two doors where the heat builds up). So I put one on the outside of the storm door and one on the outside of the main door. "Cool" jolt-free idea that works!

-By Amazon Customer on Feb. 11, 2017


This is a simple solution for a painful problem. The only downside is that now anyone can open the door so we had to install a lock to keep them out.

-By Amazon Customer on Jan. 05, 2017


I loved my new, dark brown, screen door after it was installed. I did not think about how hot the handle would get in the direct sun! It was so hot I wrapped a washcloth around it and went to Amazon to find a fix. Found the Handle Wonder Cover and problem solved! The cover fits well and stays put!

-By Amazon Customer on July 15, 2016


This is the greatest product ever. The door handle on our backdoor bakes in the desert sun and we had fabricated a handle cover that did not fit well and fell off all the time. This product not only arrived very quickly, was reasonably priced but is ingenious. It slipped right on the handle and fits extremely well. It cushions the handle as well as protects your hand from the hot metal. Awesome!!!

-By Amazon Customer on July 12, 2016


Worked like a gem. Very glad we found them. A great product.

-By Amazon Customer on July 07, 2016


The product was exactly what we needed! Great product and even better customer service (which is hard to find these days)!!

-By Amazon Customer on July 05, 2016


Not the most attractive covers - but they do beat the West Texas sun. Pity they don't make them in tan or brown.

-By Amazon Customer on April 08, 2016


Love, love, love this cover..... My door handles get so HOT in the summer that I had made my own with terry cloth but they would slip off.... I was very happy to find these on Amazon (who knew such a great product existed) price was amazing, arrived quickly and they don't slip off....😀 will be purchasing more for my Arizona friends ....😀

-By jhutton on November 23, 2015


Never saw anything like this before, and it's just what I needed to keep my door handle from bumping the built-in cabinets behind the door. Thick material--neoprene, I think--fits snugly, and looks as if it will last a long time. There are a lot of springs and cushiony things you can put on the wall so the door handle bumps them and not not the wall. But those wouldn't work with cabinetry, and keeping socks on the handle wasnt really so bueno. This solved the problem.

-By KS on January 12, 2016


This is the best! Love to take the door handle and not burn my hand. It works well and would recommend it to everyone esp. with the door
facing southwest.

-Nancy S.  on July 3, 2015


Placed covers on handles immediately. No more burning my hands! Quick Shipping!
Jenn on June 9, 2015


candys_kollectables  on June 29, 2015


Perfect for Arizona storm doors...its fits perfect
-Samantha on June 23, 2015


Nifty little item. Fits well and protects handle from the hot Arizona sun.
-Bob C.  on May 18, 2015


Hi Chris,
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.
Several of my neighbors have the same problem with their storm door handles. We live in condos side by side and get the blazing afternoon Tennessee sun. I will certainly do my best to give you more business from Tennessee!
I wish you much success, and I thank you again for your great customer service!

Gina K.  On May 17, 2015


Ray F. on March 10, 2015


Nice product. Came nicely packaged. It slipped on easily to my storm door handle and looks like it was made for the door itself. Although it is cold out now since it is winter at the time of this post I still feel this is a good product. I have no overhang at my front door entrance and in the summer my door handle does get hot. So I can’t wait until the summer so as not to have a hot door handle anymore.
caceemommy  on March 4, 2015




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